If I look old, maybe I am

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poster from London Transport exhibition

London Transport poster exhibition

I was in London on the tube and, during the journey, both a girl and a man offered me a seat. If it had been any seat maybe I wouldn’t feel as affronted as I did but the seat was one of the priority ones; the ones reserved for pregnant ladies, those unsteady on their legs and the elderly.

Did I look that much in need of a seat? Was I so ill-looking in appearance that it looked as though I would conk out any minute? Should I have been lucky to have been offered a seat at all? I don’t think I mind about being the age I am but I can’t say I’m a fan of getting older. It takes longer to walk anywhere and if you graze yourself it takes longer to heal. But I don’t have arthritis or rheumatism, the brain still functions and who doesn’t wear glasses these days?

I have a sneaking suspicion that I should be still giving up my seat for others. After I can still walk up an escalator or stairs without puffing. Well not much! I can still run and jog if I have to although why should I if there is no need. Ok, there is there is padding around my middle that I should lose if I could summon up the willpower and there are bags under my eyes but that is a family trait rather than a lack of sleep. Yes, there is white hair or more properly grey interspersed with white surrounding a bald head but I started balding in my thirties. And a shaven head is trendy still.

Whatever it is about me,  two people in their early twenties asked if I wanted their seats.

I think my concern should pass but I know it won’t; not for a while at least. What I should be writing about is how good manners and politeness amongst those much younger than me still exists and how good manners are important to visitors to London. Good manners make everything seem better than they are and are a necessary part of customer service.

Instead I have wriggled and squirmed at being made to feel old. How pitiful am I? At least I thanked the pair of them for their kind offers.

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