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Jet 2 has been at the forefront of dealing with unruly passengers.  It and easyJet have turfed passengers off flights for being drunk or making the lives of passengers intolerable and last summer it introduced the  ‘On Board Together’ initiative on its flights . It also banned the sale of alcohol on flights before 8am to try to tackle abusive behaviour.

Now it has banned six passengers from its flights.

It said that the six were rude and aggressive to staff on a flight to Tenerife from Newcastle a week ago today

Three of six have been banned for a year and the airline is refusing to fly the other three home to Newcastle from Tenerife leaving them with a hefty bill to pay for the return flights. I wonder what would have happened if other airlines had got to hear about their behaviour and refused to fly them from the island.

Jet 2 said that the six were rude and aggressive to our cabin crew after drinking illicit (an interesting choice of words) alcohol, and that the six should be in no doubt that the consequences of such behaviour will not be accepted. The airline went on to say, “as a family friendly airline carrying millions of holidaymakers, many of whom our families, we want our customers to have an enjoyable flight experience without the actions of a disruptive few spoiling it and we will take all necessary action to stamp it out.

Other airlines haven’t been quite as vocal as Jet 2 has. Is this because they have fewer disruptive passengers, put up with problems or just don’t publicise the fact? Jet 2 could go even further and name and shame the six concerned and all other passengers that make life difficult for passengers and cabin crews.

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