The future of EU261

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As readers will know, EU261 is the legislation from the European Union that allows us to claim when flights are delayed or cancelled.

You download a form and submit this to an airline and the process is supposed to be fairly pain-free. Except it isn’t quite like that because some airlines prevaricate and many in the travel industry would say that it is unfair in some respects, me included.

But after Brexit will we have EU261 or its equivalent in UK law?

Last week, Diana Johnson, MP for Hull North asked the government to ensure that British citizens continue to benefit. The government, in the form of John Hayes, Minister of State for Transport, answered by stating, “The future application of this legislation will depend on the outcome of negotiating a new relationship with the EU.”

What balderdash!

There is no reason why the government could not immediately state that they would introduce legislation so that EU261 remained part of our law. Like a lot of things (package holiday directive, privacy legislation) I suspect that haven’t decided what to do and they can hide behind the cloak of a Brexit negotiation.  Consumer protection legislation is something that few voters would want to lose and few governments would want to remove given the voter backlash that could occur.

So why not be open about it now?

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