Were the Olympics a success?

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Rio de Janeiro

Brazil has announced how many people visited the country during the Olympics. The actual time period that was measured ran from the 1st of July to 15th of August. Obviously that figure will substantially increase after the visitors to the Paralympics are measured.
During that time 541,000 international tourists journeyed to Brazil an increase of 157,000 people in relation to the same period of the previous year. Does this number suggest that the Games were the high-profile attraction that was to attract many more visitors to the country or is it less than was expected? IT is too ealy to tell but a study conducted by the tourist institute – Embratur – suggests that overseas visitor satisfaction was high.
Of those 9nterviewed, 56.5% of foreigners were in Brazil for the first time. The President of the Institute, Vinícius Lummertz, said, “We were surprised by the very favourable data. The issues that arose before, such as the risks of holding the Games in Brazil, are behind us. This shows the satisfaction felt by international tourists with Brazil, as well as the feeling of happiness felt by Brazilians regarding the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This positive evaluation will bring good results in the future, as much for leisure tourism as well as for business, new investments and the injection of resources into Brazil”
The study presented the satisfaction of visitors regarding choices for tourism and leisure, security, infrastructure, transport and hospitality. It also revealed the most common profile of tourist: over 25 years, and of whom 64.4% were men. The best evaluated item was the hospitality of the Cariocas – the residents of Rio de Janeiro – who received a 98.7% approval rate from foreigners and 92% from Brazilians. Some 94.6% of those interviewed praised the airports, while 86.6% approved public transport. For 83% of foreigners, the trip to Rio de Janeiro met or superseded their expectations.

The results are partial and interviews will continue until the Paralympic Games but on this evidence it looks as though Brazil can claim a success.

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