A bumper holiday at home?

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Bournemouth beach

Bournemouth could be very popular this weekend

The last bank holiday weekend before Christmas is upon us and, as I seem to write every year, it looks as though a record number of people will take advantage of it to have a holiday.

ABTA estimates that 2 million of us are set to head abroad over the bank holiday with Heathrow expecting 248,000 people to fly out today alone.

But this year, domestic destinations might do better than those overseas. The Bank Holiday Trip Tracker survey organised by Visit England says that 5.1 million Brits are planning an overnight holiday trip in the UK this weekend, with 4.6 million planning a holiday in England. The survey also shows that a further 3.6 million people are still undecided about whether to take an overnight holiday trip in England over the Bank Holiday weekend with about 40% saying they are waiting to see what the weather is like and about 20% saying they like to decide at the last minute.

as could be Blackpool Pleasure Beach

as could be Blackpool Pleasure Beach

It has been a record-breaking first four months of the year (January to April) for domestic holiday trips in England. From January to April Brits took 11 million holiday trips, 8% more compared to the same period last year.

Since these figures pre-date Brexit it has nothing to don with a declining pound because in the first half of the year the pound was quite strong against other currencies. It follows a trend because in 2015, domestic seaside holiday trips were up 7%, city holidays up 6% and countryside holidays up 12%.

and the Lake District

and the Lake District

But what of our other countries? How will they fare this weekend? No forecasts seem to have been made and their corporate websites don’t have thoughts about this weekend or where we might travel. Although Visit Britain and Visit England are combined in structure, Visit Britain doesn’t seem to offer any clues as to what both international visitors and domestic ones might be doing this weekend in either Wales or Scotland. Tourism Ireland, under which comes Tourism Northern Ireland has no forecasts for either the north or the south.

Nonetheless, and subject to the weather, this could be a bumper weekend for domestic tourism in our nations.

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