Letter from France – August 2016

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poster of The Art of MorrisENDING SOON

Until September 18: “Robert Combas at the Atelier Blanc”

The little Atelier Blanc in Villefranche-de-Rouergue presents a colourful selection of furniture created by Robert Combas, an artist known for his eclectic work mainly based on graphic forms and highly coloured paints. Other Combas works are also on show at The Moulin de St Rémy, another exhibition centre just a few kilometres away. Villefranche-de-Rouergue, 12-Aveyron   Atelier Blanc     www.atelier-blanc.org

Until September 18: “The Rouart, from Impressionism to Realism”

After three years of building work, the Museum of Pont-Aven reopened with this exhibition dedicated to the three generations of painters from the Rouart  family who were also collectors and patrons as well. The 120 works on show cover the evolution of their painting from Impressionism to Realism and cover the period from 1860 to 1950.  Pont-Aven, 29-Finistère     www.museepontaven.fr

Until September 18: “The Art of Morris”

Showing some of the best drawings and pages of the humorous comic series “Lucky Luke” a cow-boy known as the man “who shoots faster than his shadow“, this exhibition pays tribute to Morris, the talented and prolific Belgian cartoonist who is, perhaps, less known than the hero he created.Angoulême, 16-Charente, Cité Internationale de la Bande Dessinée   www.citebd.orgposter of The Blue Sky

Until September 18:”The Art of the Blue Sky Studios”

The artists of the Blue Sky Studios who created “Ice Age” present hundreds of their drawings with Manny, Sid, Diego and even the crazy Scrat. There are also some other fictional characters from movies like Rio, Horton and Epic. A few images of the next “Ice Age: the Laws of Universe” are also previewed. Paris; Art Ludique Museum     www.artludique.com

Until September 19: “Royan 39-45: War and Beach”

This exhibition shows how Royan, the well known beach resort that dates back to the roaring twenties. The town, which is located at the mouth of Gironde, was transformed by the Germans during WWII into a strong fortress. It was the last French city to be freed after fierce fighting at the very end of the war. Royan was almost totally destroyed and its population had to pay a very high price in lost lives. Royan, 17-Charente maritime, Musée de Royan    www.ville-royan.fr

Until September 25: Picasso at the Musée Soulages

The Soulages Museum presents a special exhibition of Picasso’s works mainly chosen from the private Picasso collection that Picasso decided to pass on to his heirs. Rodez, 12-Aveyron, Musée Soulages    www.musee-soulages.rodezagglo.fr Boudin -  Studio of Light

Until September 25: “Arles, les Rencontres de la Photographie”

During the summer, the charming city of Arles is the world photographic centre with more than 40 exhibitions showing the latest trends of contemporary photography by 135 artists. Arles, 13-Bouches du Rhone      www. rencontres-arles.com

Until September 26: “Impressionists All”, The Normandy Impressionist Festival

Below is a selection of the main exhibitions, highlighting the Impressionism movement in Normandy that will be closed by September 26: www.normandie-impressionniste.eu

– “Eugéne Boudin, the Studio of Light” (Musée d’Art Moderne, Le Havre)

In the city where Boudin lived and was inspired, Le Havre, a great number of his paintings are on show at the MUMA (Museum of Modern Art André Malraux in Le Havre). The exhibition shows how Boudin was able to capture the infinite variations of the Normand light. Le Havre, 76-Seine-Maritime      www.muma-lehavre.fr

– “Manet,Renoir, Monet, Morisot… Scenes of Impressionist Life” (Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen)

Beside landscapes, Impressionists also depicted the places where they lived, the interior of their houses and, in parallel, those of their friends, the members of their families, all of which gives us a fabulous description of a society moving into modernity. Rouen, 76-Seine-Maritime    www.mbarouen.fr Portraits of Women exhibition

– “Sorolla, a Spanish painter in Paris” (Musée des Impressionnismes, Giverny) Until November 6

After the first Parisian exhibition, that introduced him to the art market, 110 years ago this year, the Spanish painter Sorolla regularly visited the City of Lights where he became famous for his ability to reproduce – in his paintings – the Mediterranean light and atmosphere. Giverny, 27-Eure     www.mdig.fr 

– “Portraits of Women” (Musée de Vernon)

A tribute to the women artists who worked in the wake of the Impressionism movement, but who often remained in the shadow of their male colleagues! Vernon, 27-Eure       giverny.org/museums/poulain/guide/index.htm

– ” Being Young at the Time of the Impressionists (1860-1910)” (Musée Eugène Boudin, Honfleur)

This exhibition mixes portraits and genre scenes focused on childhood and youth, showing how each artist choose to treat any personal or social aspect of a subject. Honfleur, 14-Calvados

Frits Thaulow exhibition– “Frits Thaulow (1847_1906) Landscapist by Nature” (Musée des Beaux-Arts de Caen)

After meeting Monet in 1874, the Norwegian painter – Frits Thaulow  -began plein air painting, sharing his time between Norway and France and becoming a master artist in landscapes. He also produced unique series of seascapes and nightscapes. Caen, 14-Calvados     www. mba.caen.fr

– “Portraits of the d’Orléans family at the time of the Impressionists” (Musée Louis-Philippe, Château d’Eu) Only until September 18.

Forty plus portraits of members of a French royal family are on display from a time when the Impressionism movement gave a new slant to the art of portrait. Château d’Eu, 76-Seine-Maritime

­- “In the footsteps of Paul-César Helleu (1859-1927)” (Musée des Beaux-Arts de Saint-Lô)

The Normandy sea-side atmosphere viewed by Paul-César Helleu, a painter of the Belle Epoque, who became famous for his portraits of some of the most elegant women of that time. Saint-Lô, 50-Manche

The Creuse Valley, a “Workshop Valley”

From 1830 to 1930, the beautiful landscapes of the valley of La Creuse River attracted many Impressionist painters. This summer, four of them are highlighted by four museums in the valley or close by.

– “Alfred Smith” at the Museum of Art and Archeology of Guéret, until September 19.

– “Allan Österlind” at the George Sand Museum of Chateau d’Ars, until September 30.

– “Eugéne Alluaud” at the Vallée de la Creuse Museum in Eguzon, until September 25.

– “Charles Bichet” at the Beaux-Arts Museum of Limoges, until September 19.    www.museebal.fr 

poster of contemporary writing exhibitionRUNNING NOW

Until October 30: “Chagall, from poetry to painting”

Almost 300 art works by Chagall offer a unique vision of the strong links between his paintings and poetry. Chagall, throughout his long life, illustrated poems and books from Shakespeare to Gogol, and many works by his friends, poets and writers as Apollinaire, Malraux or Aragon, and which became a source of inspiration for him.  Landerneau, 29-Finistere, Fondation Hélène et Edouard Leclerc.   www.fhel.fr

Until November 1: “Shared Sculpture, 5 years of acquisitions”

After only five years of activity, the Villa Datris Foundation of Contemporary Sculpture presents a hundred pieces by various artists such as Marina Apollonio, Sol Lewitt, Niki de Saint-Phalle and Victor Vasarely. In parallel a few pieces by three young artists, Alexis Hayère, Laurent Perbos and Caroline Tapernoux are also on show. L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, 84-Vaucluse, Villa Datris   www.villadatris.com

Until November 2: “Ecritures Contemporaines”

Champollion, the man who first discovered the secrets of Egyptian hieroglyphs, was a master in ancient oriental languages, and the Champollion Museum -based in his former house in Figeac – not only shows Champollion’s work, but is also dedicated to all ancient writing characters. So the Museum invited 11 contemporary artists using writing characters in their works, to present a few pieces as diverse as painting, photography, cloth art, sculpture or furniture design. Figeac, 46-Lot, Musée Champollion   www. musee-champollion.fr

poster of Antarctica exhibitionUntil November 13: “Persona, strangely human”

From time immemorial, human beings have created artefacts symbolising gods and spirits and many believed that they had some mysterious power. These objects achieved a special status giving them a sort of soul. With over 230 artefacts on show the exhibition looks at this phenomenon through the ages and brings it up-to-date with the upcoming invasion of humanoid robots that could be considered as quasi-humans. Paris, Musée du Quai Branly      www.quaibranly.fr

Until December 16: “Antartica”

This exhibition follows the 2015 Antartica expedition lead by Luc Jacquet and Jérome Bouvier with their team of cameramen and photographers. It offers a journey of discovery through a continent usually only open to scientists. It shows its incredible natural beauty and also its unique wild life that has to be permanently protected. Lyon, 69-Rhône  Musée des Confluences    www.museedesconfluences.fr


Le Grand CondeFrom September 5: “Le Grand Condé, rival of the Sun King?”

Cousin of the Sun King Louis XIV, Louis II de Bourbon – Prince de Condé and known as Le Grand Condé (Condé the Great) – was the best general of his time. He was also a rebel during the Fronde civil war, but he was a generous protector of arts and culture. He gave life to the Chantilly Castle and its fabulous gardens where a unique exhibition pays tribute to this great and flamboyant character. Chantilly, 60-Oise, Domaine de Chantilly    www.domainedechantilly.com 

From September 14: “Fantin-Latour, the sensitive”

A large retrospective of the work of Henri Fantin-Latour (1836-1904) from his early works and the paintings of his two sisters as well as the still-life paintings and group portraits that made him famous. Paris, Musée du Luxembourg    www.museeduluxembourg.fr Hergé at the Grand Palais poster

From September 28: “Hergé at the Grand Palais”

Creator of the Adventures of Tintin, Hergé, (1907-1983) is considered as one of the world’s most famous cartoonist. He is the father of the ligne claire drawing style, and for this unique retrospective of his work, original drawings and pages from Tintin and Quick & Flucke albums are on show. This exhibition also includes some of his earlier works such as “The Adventures of Jo, Zette and Jocko”. Paris, Grand Palais      www.grandpalais.fr

Due to security reason, some big events and festivals in France has been cancelled, as the Grande Braderie de Lille, that was the larger flea market in Europe attracting over 2.500.000 visitors during only one week-end in September. However most events will still take place as scheduled but do check in advance.




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