Is the bacon butty in decline?

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100,000 images from the last twenty years but no bacon butty.

100,000 images on this easyJet plane but no bacon butty.

Is it important to know what easyJet sells on its flights? In the scheme of things –no? For a bit of fun, yes.

The fact that paprika flavoured Pringles “soar 30%” doesn’t set my pulse raising but the news that the cheese and ham croque monsieur has overtaken the bacon butty in sales is of some concern. The bacon butty is a vital part of our heritage and probably is responsible for more people staying meat eaters than becoming vegetarians. That alluring aroma, first thing in the morning, is such a welcoming smell that it starts the day off in a satisfying manner. A croque monsieur can’t do that.

Some people claim that a bacon butty has medicinal properties being a cure for hangovers. A croque monsieur can’t provide that.

My first thought was that this decline was easy to understand because, as easyJet has expanded internationally, more non-Britishers would be flying with the airline. Obviously they couldn’t be expected to understand the uplifting effects that a bacon butty can generate in a person so they probably opted for the croque monsieur.  But no. The airline’s head of inflight retail, Charlotte Bunney says “…passengers on flights out of the UK were more likely to devour easyJet’s cheese and ham croque monsieur than the classic bacon roll.

Out of France, the airline says that almost three times more passengers will buy a croque monsieur  than the “bacon baguette.” That’s understandable. But in the sentence s the clue. easyJet isn’t providing the proper thing – it should be a bacon butty not a hybrid breakfast incorporating a French stick filled with bacon. That is probably upsetting affecionados so they aren’t buying since they cannot get their thick, doorstep white bread slices filled with bacon slices.

I feel happier now. It isn’t the bacon butty that is in decline because the airline isn’t serving the true beast. The great bacon butty is still to be found in those great bastions of British cooking – the roadside greasy spoon and the trucker’s cafe.

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