Avoid Southend, Gatwick, Manchester airports and PIA?

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icture of Air India planeIn the announcement by Which? this week about the number of people who are affected by late flights, the company also drew attention to the airports and airlines with the worst punctuality record.

Southend Airport in Essex was named as the airport where people are most likely to be delayed on short-haul flights whilst Gatwick and Manchester airports are the two airports where you are most likely to be delayed on long-haul flights. At Southend, 1.7% of journeys were delayed by three hours or more and it was 1.3% at the other two.

That Heathrow isn’t the leader in delays over three hours might surprise some given the number of flights it operates each and every day. That Southend which has many fewer flights tops the category for short-haul trips over busier airports may also surprise others. Could it be that what is dragging down some airports is that they primarily serve leisure passengers who catch charter or smaller airlines some of which don’t have spare aircraft if a flight goes tech or is delayed?

Vueling, and Loganair were named as the airlines with the highest percentage (1.6%) of delays of three hours or more to their short haul flights. But compared to some airlines operating long-haul flights this was good.  The figure was 4.2%, over twice as much, for those travelling with Pakistan International Airlines where the average delay for was nearly 45 minutes. For Air India, the percentage wasn’t much better at 3.7%.

Which? have concentrated on delays in excess of three hours because that is when compensation is at its highest. A three hour delay is exceptional as shown by these small percentages. What the company hasn’t demonstrated is the number that of flights that are delayed by thirty minutes or an hour, the sort of delay that is a little more usual. Would the same airports and airlines top the list?

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