The fervour of the Rio Olympics in London

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Brazil wants you to see places other the Olympic Games' host city of Rio de Janeiro

Brazil wants you to see places other the Olympic Games’ host city of Rio de Janeiro

Not everyone who is interested will visit Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for the Olympic Games that starts in a few days’ time. Pubs and clubs will show some of the events and there will no doubt be Olympic parties up and down the country as groups gather to watch particular events.

There is another way that you could see some of the Games and get a sense of this huge South American country at the same time.

You could watch the Games in the comfort of the Brazilian Embassy in London. From 10am until 7pm each day during the Olympics, there will be free admittance to the Embassy or at least the lounge at the entrance. The embassy is centrally located (unlike many others) at 14-16 Cockspur Street. SW1Y 5BL which is just off Trafalgar Square.

The local tourist authority, TurisRio, is also taking advantage of this free show to highlight some of the tourist potential of the state (Rio is a city an done of the smallest states) which is known for its coastline, (a beach in Rio you might have heard of called Copacabana)  historical cities and tropical forests.

That glib sentence fails to cover the attractions of the state which, for Brits, is one of the easiest places to get to because of the number of direct flights that there are from London to Rio.

Everyone knows about the famous beach and the equally famous February carnival that attracts million son to the streets, new years’ night and the statue of Jesus Christ overlooking the city but what of Paquetá Island in the bay? This formerly French possession and car-free island harks back to the days of slave plantations but today is a place where visitors can see a mix of cultures and old world charm. During the Olympics the island will celebrate the festival of St Roque, a Brazilian who became a catholic martyr.

The island is one of many sights and attractions of Brazil that the embassy and the tourist boards will introduce you to as you enjoy the Olympics in their lounge.

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