The hug that’s hot

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567050_num1161822Recently,  I wrote about Tenerife and how its #BigWarmHug campaign was conceived after the Brexit vote to let Brits know that Tenerife are with us as we engineer a leave from the EU and that whatever happens we would be welcome on the island.

On the face of it, the campaign was a simple idea, an inexpensive one and designed to take advantage of the hour.

Did the organisers imagine how successful it would become? It’s not a warm hug any more; it’s a hot one!

Within the first 7 days, it has reached 2,000,000 people on Twitter, over 8,600 on Instagram and 59,000 on Facebook. Hoteliers, golf clubs and bars have entered into the spirit behind the gesture and added their images and comments on Twitter, some in English and some in Spanish.

The campaign has been supported throughout the island with thousands of Tenerife locals, including the tourist industry, the players of the Tenerife Football Club, golf club members, shop-keepers, taxi drivers and scuba diving instructors joining the campaign by uploading images on social media together with loving comments aimed at British citizens.

The initiative, which has been primarily promoted via social media channels, has also received a very positive impact from UK consumers and travel industry professionals, who have been uploading images with the #BigWarmHug print on social media.

There must be some pretty smug faces on people at the Tenerife Tourism Corporation. All this publicity and it has hardly cost a bean!


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