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Flag of FranceIt is too early to understand the ramifications of the tragic and outrageous terrorist attack in Nice on the French Riviera.

Was it an attack prompted because so many people would be attending a fireworks display on France’s national day? Was it motivated by the fact that Nice, and the Riviera as a whole, is a magnet for tourists? Even the location of the attack – Promenade des Anglais – seems to emphasise the international appeal of the area.

From early news reports it appears that the atrocity was carried out by a local resident but one who had been born in Tunisia. Understanding his motivation will be difficult to deduce. Was he radicalised within France or did he travel elsewhere to be seduced by a doctrine of hate, loathing and killing?

The Promenade des Anglais was closed to traffic yet a truck managed to drive along it so answers must be gained from French security as to how this happened. Eyewitnesses suggest there was quite heavy security during the day with police, the gendamerie and military people plainly visible.

Tourists cannot help but wonder whether they should weekend or holiday on the Riviera this year. It will have an immediate impact in cancelled accommodation bookings so the French government needs to send a strong message that the Riviera is open to visitors and the security forces will be vigilant.

In the meantime, we should respond as we did after the incidents on Charlie Hebdo, Brussels and the Paris attacks. By giving two fingers to terrorism and continuing to travel and holiday as planned but, at the same time, being cautious as we would be wherever we travel.

For well over a hundred years we have been loyal to the Riviera as a holiday destination. Now is not the time to desert it.

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