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That’s what the people of Tenerife are offering the British in the aftermath of Brexit.

567050_num1161822Today the Tenerife Tourism Corporation has launched its #bigwarmhug campaign us know that the people of Tenerife are on their side no matter what happens with regards to the UK’s status in the EU

It’s a promotion to remind us that Tenerife is still there and welcoming as a holiday destination for us. The campaign will be primarily promoted via social media channels and will see the local people of Tenerife offering a “big warm hug” to British tourists already on the island, as well as encouraging British residents to engage in the good feeling campaign.

People living on the island including island locals, personalities, taxi drivers, hoteliers and associated companies will upload images of themselves hugging British tourists holidaying on the island on to their own social media channels “to demonstrate their love for their most important source market”  as the tourist board puts it. In a similar way, consumers in the UK will be encouraged to visit Tenerife’s website to download and print the Tenerife #bigwarmhug logo and take a photo of themselves hugging a person with the print in their hands. If they then upload the image onto their own social media channels, using #bigwarmhug and tagging Tenerife’s social media channels, those giving the best hugs will have their photos uploaded by the Tenerife Tourism Corporation.

Vicente Dorta, Director General of the Tenerife Tourism Corporation, comments: “We are delighted to be running this campaign. The UK accounts for 34% of tourist arrivals to our island and we are very grateful to the British public. We wanted to run this campaign to tell the British people that we are thinking of them during this uncertain time and that no matter what happens, they are never out of our hearts.”

Last year, Tenerife saw over 1.7 million British visitors to the island, and latest figures for 2016 show that between January and May this year there were over 800,000 British visitors.

Will Tenerife’s idea be copied by others in the Canary Isles, the Balearics or mainland Spain? Will other EU countries want to emphasise how welcoming they are given the importance to some of them of our tourist spend?

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