The new snow sports season has begin

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© Destination NSW

© Destination NSW

No, not in the UK or Europe but in Australia’s Snowy Mountains in NSW.

There the snow season began last weekend with heavy snow fall right on schedule and blanketing the area.

There are avid snow sport people in Europe who, rather than opt for summer sunshine, follow the winter wherever it is in the world. Is that why NSW is seeing more overseas visitors travelling there? Some days you hear more overseas accents than Aussie ones there.

Commonly referred to as the Snowy, the snow fields of NSW are to be found in the south of the state and straddle the border with Victoria. The area has the five highest peaks in Australia including Mt Kosciuszko, named after the Polish hero  had quite a life. He fought in the Napoleonic wars and the American Revolution and  left his American assets to flight slavery there.

In the Snowy, there are four snow resorts and all were open for business with more chairlifts and trails opening as more snow fell than was expected. Most people drive there with it being just over five hours’ drive from either Sydney or Melbourne.

Now there is an alternative that might prove just as popular. This year flights began from Sydney to Cooma (now known as Snowy Mountains Airport) and there are additional flights over the Australian winter period from Thursday to Sunday making it an ideal weekend break for both Aussies and overseas visitors. This beats the only other transport option of a combined train and bus option which could take you half-a-day to get there. Cheap yes, but not really practical for the overseas visitor just in the country for a few weeks.

The flight on REX will take you about an hour and cost from $200 upwards but you then have up to about 80 kilometres to the resort area. Or, as the  tourist board points out, you could hire your own plane for the trip!

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