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enjoying mud! But did their mothers?

enjoying mud! But did their mothers?

All parents take their children to museums sometimes only because it gets them out of the rain. Interesting kids in museums and our heritage can be tough so why not start with some that just about every child should enjoy?

Those lucky enough to be within visiting distance of Stoke-on-Trent have an advantage of many of us because the city has some places, all conveniently close to each other, that might make kids begin to understand that museums visiting is enjoyable.

Start with the Gladstone Pottery Museum. Kids always seem interested in bodily functions so here is a museum that should appeal.  They have a gallery called Flushed with Pride which records the history of the toilet. Not only does it follow how toilets have developed over the last five hundred years, it features the sights, sounds and smells of a Victorian slum and encourages visitors to discover some of the unusual historical alternatives to toilet paper. Now you just have to explain why there are two seat toilets, why we spend a penny and the concept of pulling a chain both up and down!

If t’s dry take them off to the Trentham Estate and let them follow the Barefoot Walk. Yes, afterwards, you will need to clean them off before putting their socks and shoes back on and bundling them in the car for the return trip home but, again, this is one they should enjoy. The walk is what it says; a trip across mud, bark, streams, grass, pebbles and other textures so that kids (and adults) can get a feeling of different textures. Personally I prefer moss lawns to grass ones and not just because there is less mowing and maintenance work involved. The feeling is spongy and cool on any hot day.

Staying at Trentham, take them off to the Monkey Forest where 140 macaques live. As you wander around so will they. They will be above you in the trees, they will be reluctant to get out of your way as you follow the trail and they can be inquisitive.  There are guides who will explain their antics and answer any questions as well as making sure that your little ones don’t share their lunch or snacks with them.

But being pottery country, there are lots of pottery collections. That means that many will let you kids have a go at messing about with clay, water and throwing a pot. What child doesn’t equate getting grubby with having fun? And doesn’t that make a great introduction to museums for them. Then you can gradually introduce them to the ones that aren’t so much fun but are just as important in remembering our heritage.

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