Why does it take a celebrity to get involved?

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EASYJET  NEW PLANE LIVERYPix.Tim AndersonLife shows again that there is one rule for the famous and another for us mere mortals. If someone famous comes to your cause you are more likely to get satisfaction than if you pursue your rights as a member of the great anonymous public.

A family from Bristol paid for a Thomas Cook holiday and boarded an easyJet flight from Bristol. Except that wasn’t what really happened.

On their half term holiday the Mortimore family made of mum, dad, a seven year old and a twelve year old were given seats that weren’t together. easyJet rules state that children must be seated next to an adult.  I certainly wouldn’t appreciate having a child as young as seven seating apart from me on a flight. It happened to us when we were holidaying years ago and the best I could “negotiate” with other passengers was that he sat in front of me so at least I could keep an eye on him as he was then younger than seven.

Thomas Cook logo

Thomas Cook logo

easyJet asked if other passengers would switch seats and none would. That I find appalling. Out of probably 180 passengers nobody would help out? Those passengers should feel pretty disgusted with themselves for an uncaring attitude like that.

As no-one would move, the family was asked to disembark the flight. Initially they were offered just £554 compensation for the lost £2,300 holiday to Tenerife, but after a media storm, Thomas Cook and easyJet are to pay the family £3,640 plus holiday vouchers worth £600.

The comedian, Jason Manford, tweeted their case and guess what? Thomas Cook and easyJet

Funnyman Jason Manford joined the criticism of the holiday firms, posting a comment on Twitter accusing them of greed for over-booking the Mortimores’ flight. Suddenly they received a full refund, compensation for denied boarding and a voucher towards their next holiday.

But would the Mortimores have achieved this success without Manford’s tweet? Very unlikely.

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