All hail the Hawaiian super bowl

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Say hello to acai bowls – the Hawaiian breakfast treat that’s taking over your Instagram feed

Hawaii may be best known for its beaches, but it can also  claim to be a culinary mecca. Make no mistake: Hawaii  locals love to eat and the islands boast a huge variety of restaurants, cuisines, experiences and produce.

My favourite discovery to date though, has arguably been the acai bowl. Forget Nigella’s avocado on toast (I never really understood the sudden frenzy back home over the smashing and smearing of avocados on toast), here in Hawaii it’s all about the acai bowl.


These rainbow hued bowls basically consist of a super thick smoothie (frozen acai pulp blended with coconut milk) that’s then topped with granola, oatmeal and fruit for a breakfast that not only looks a lot better than soggy cereal, but tastes better too!

Hawaii’s surfers, in search of a healthy yet hearty pick me up after an early morning surfing session, were among the first to bowled over by acai bowl. Fast forward to today and acai bowls have become a staple not just for surfers but for health fiends (acai berries are packed with antioxidants that help boost our immune systems) and all Hawaiians alike.

And for good reason: I’ve been hooked ever since I tried my first bowl on Waikiki beach, and now eat one on an almost daily basis.

Truly: it’s what breakfast dreams are made of…

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