The lure of the long haul flight

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Chances are there aren’t many people who use the word ‘love’ and ‘long-haul flights’ in the same sentence.

Me? I’m more than happy on a long-haul flight. London to Buenos Aires, London to Sydney, London to Honolulu… I’ve done my fair share of long-haul flights – and I’ve loved every single one of them.

People ask me how I cope – with the lack of sleep, the bad food, the layovers, the crossing of several time zones, lost luggage, flight delays et al – but the truth is that I view a long-haul flight as akin to a mini holiday.

In the busy, bustling modern world that we live in, we’re all required to be permanently ‘on’. I find there’s no escaping email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (and other social media apps), smart phones etc…. except on an extremely long flight!  Long haulers allow me the opportunity to switch off and make no mistake, every now and then we need to unplug.

Long-haul flights give me time to catch up on books (on a recent flight from London to Hawaii, I finally managed to read the Bowie book that had been sitting on my bedside table since before Christmas) and films – the entertainment system featuring a gazillion movies, TV shows and music channels  invariably beats what I have in my own home. And, after a glass of wine with dinner (I don’t subscribe to the theory that you shouldn’t drink while sky high), long-haulers afford me some much needed shut eye.

Sleep comes easily to me on a long-haul flight, provided I have packed a pashmina (to combat the arctic air conditioning levels), eye mask and neck pillow.

Furthermore I find hopping on a plane for 19+ hours, to be a pampering experience. As a single gal who lives and works alone, I’m not used to someone handing our complimentary papers (my idea of airplane heaven) topping up my glass, feeding me (for what’s it worth, I love plane food and find that most flights these days, have a fab menu) every few hours. Forget short flights: the long-hauler is without a doubt my favourite flight.

Yet the best bit of a long-haul – hell any – flight is arguably take off. Nothing beats the exhilaration you feel when an airplane leaves the runway and soars into the sky taking you to your next adventure.

See you at the airport…


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