Half of us still to decide on a summer holiday

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The, Canary Isles will probably have very little spare capacity this year

The Canary Isles will probably have very little spare capacity this year

According to research for the travel trade show, World Travel Market, about  13 million people are yet to book their summer holiday.

Of the organised 47% of Brits who have already booked, 33% have booked one main holiday and 12% have booked two. There is even a number – 4%  – who have booked three summer holidays while an even luckier 1% of the population has booked four.

And who are these lucky people that can take so many holidays? The 16 to 24-year-old age group is taking the most multiple summer holidays, with 17% taking two (compared to 12% national average); 7.5% taking three (compared to 4% national average) and 3.5% taking four (1% national average).

One in three of respondents have decided that they won’t be holidaying this summer, with those in Yorkshire less likely than anywhere else in the country to go away this year.

With such a large number of people still to decide on their summer holiday, there is likely to be a lot of promotions to try to woo us to book but where will there still be holidays? It is unlikely that there will be much still free in Spain and Portugal particularly in the popular resorts. Turkey is one of the countries where there is plenty of capacity so expect to see tour operators and travel agents offering deals to holiday there

It appears that Scots are the most undecided on whether to holiday or not with 27% of Scots who intend to go on holiday yet to decide where to go.

Of those that have booked already, Spain is still the popular choice, with 17% travelling to the Spanish mainland or islands of the Balearics and or Canaries. 10% are off to France, while Florida, Greece and Portugal have each been booked by 4.5% of us. Aside from Florida, other popular long-haul destinations are the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada and California.

The ‘staycation’ is popular with 45% of those taking a summer holiday opting to do so in England 7% in Scotland, 5% in wales and 2% in Northern Ireland.

But is this correct? The research was done over five weeks ago. That’s a long time in the travel game .



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