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Buckingham Palace is one of the big draws...

Buckingham Palace is one of the big draws…

Over the bank holiday whilst the east and south east of the UK has withstood rain and winds the western half of the countries basked in hot, sunny weather.

This might have enticed visitors to get away from London and visited other parts of our countries.

New figures from Visit Britain show that visitors from abroad last year did venture elsewhere with the north west of England seeing a 22% increase in visitors. In the south east visitor numbers were up by 11%; the East Midlands saw an increase of 10% and the West Midlands, 8% which was the same figure for the south west of England. London had a rise of 7% and the north-west 6%.

Yorkshire saw a dip in visitor numbers by 6% but this has been put down to having had very high figures in the previous year due to the Tour de France starting in the area.

Scotland was the other part of our countries that saw a drop, the time it was 4%. Again that may be due to high visitor numbers in 2014 but the Scots will be hoping that numbers bounce back this year.

Wales saw a rise of 4% which is a little above the average world increase last year but, more importantly, they were the highest figures since 2009 but they still have to top the million mark. Maybe this year…

Shakespeares Birthplace

…as is Stratford-upon-Avon

Our principal source of visitors comes from other European countries which is unsurprising given they are the closest, geographically, to us. In terms of visitor numbers, France was first, then Germany, USA, the Irish Republic, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Belgium and Australia.

But perhaps it is the Irish Republic to which we should be grateful. The population of the Republic is only 4.6 million yet there were nearly 2.9 million visits, a higher percentage of their population than any other country can provide.

Incidentally, Chinese tourists managed just 185,000 visits despite the emphasis on attracting them over the last few years. The numbers have grown but given the number of direct flights between the two countries, you might have expected more. That at least will be what Visit Britain will be hoping!

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