Will British Airways charge for food?

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British_Airways_857_19385812_0_0_4005_300There are rumours circulating within British Airways that they might charge for their food on short haul flights. This has existed for a long time as the traditional airlines have tried to pare back their costs and compete with the no-frills airlines. The Times suggests that the decision has already been made. The Independent doesn’t.

When BA owned the no-frills, Go brand, you paid for the Danish pastries that were available on the flights and no-one complained too much because the quality of the food was high.

You can’t say that about the sandwiches now served on short haul routes now. the standing joke is that passengers should be paid to eat airline food. I take my own n flights to the US and have shared them with the cabin crew before now given that they don’t have crusty bread and a hunk of brie to satisfy their food demands!

The reason the rumours are circulating more strongly now is because Alex Cruz, the entrepreneurial head of the no-frills airline Vueling (also part of the same IAG family as BA) charges for food on Vueling. He now runs BA.

Frankly I don’t see what’s wrong. Who needs food on a short haul flight especially given the quality currently dished up to long suffering passengers?  On flights longer than four hours I can see a justification but anything less than that is only the normal interval between meals anyway. People can always take their own as Freddy Laker encouraged us to do on his Skybus flights all those decades ago.

BA is one of the remaining airlines that don’t charge on its short haul services so will there be much of an outcry if it drops the service? If they do it will only be for us in the economy seats and we wold probably settle for cheaper fares – as if that’s likely to happen if they can’t out snacks. The money saved will go to the bottom line rather than the passenger. But that’s what Cruz is there to do – maximise profits and this seems a no-brainer for him to axe.

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