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I'm not sure they're my colour though

I’m not sure they’re my colour though

At first sight this seems to be an April Fools’ joke. Except it isn’t April.

easyJet have unveiled shoes called “sneakairs” which, it claims, “could help customers explore new cities with ease, enabling them to take in their surroundings without getting lost.”

Apparently the shoes use a technology which connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone app which uses a phone’s GPS and directs the wearer which way to walk by triggering small vibrating sensors within the shoe. The airline says that this could see tourists being able to experience the sights without having to refer to a map or their phones for directions.

The product isn’t on sale yet as it is still a prototype but I can see lots of possibilities for the product and hope that easyJet will adjust the software so that it can achieve some of the following suggestions.

The first thing that sneakairs could do is to provide guidance to the wearer on which airport security line is the shortest so that they can get through faster. Secondly they could include guides to the airport through which you are travelling because the signage can be a bit confusing. Will easyJet include a sensor so that it could encourage tardy passengers to get a move on and make the gate earlier so that the flight isn’t delayed by having to offload baggage from non-appearing passengers?

If the whole process works on vibrationrs, it sounds as though the product could also act as a foot massager allwing us to spend more time exploring than having to go back to the hotel to rest aching feet, bunions and corns.

Will easyJet include promotions in the sensor equipment steering passengers towards retailers, restaurants and attractions that have paid sponsorship fees to the airline?

But what if the sensors don’t work live GPS systems do from time-to-time? Will we wind up in fields or down cul de sacs? Wat happens then? Will we have an emergency shoe to call to rescue us? Will sneakairs be affected by mobile phone interference and cause us to walk around in circles? What happens if beach sand gets in the works?

Such a product has so many benefits but so many opportunities to go awry so we must hope that easyJet will comprehensively test the product in cities, mountains and the beach before bringing them to market.

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