June in Bordeaux

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Euro-2016-BordeauxIs it my imagination or is everything happening in Bordeaux this June?

For a start there is a little matter of a football competition and Bordeaux is hosting five of the matches, four first round ones and a quarter final. That Wales is playing in one match and Ireland in another means that there will be many people from over here travelling over there. Despite the fact that the newly-built stadium has a 42,000 capacity, many visitors won’t have tickets. Bordeaux has thought of that. In the Place de Concours a giant screen will be set up at one end which should allow up to 60,000 people to watch the match completely free of charge. Many might argue that the atmosphere in the Place will be just as exciting, if not more so, than in the stadium itself! At the other end of the Place will be an array of food stalls, bars and restaurants.

As the Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux, Olivier Bernard – the man in charge of tourism – quipped, what would a football match be without beer? And this coming from a man charged with promoting tourism to one of the most well-known wine producing regions in the world.

Just before the football starts, on the weekend of the 4th and 5th of June there will be Le Weekend de Grand Cru when a select group of people come from all over the world to taste the wines and then, towards the end of the month, there is a wine festival that happens only once every ten years. Up to 700,000 people are expected during the four day event. So successful has the festival become that the idea was been successfully exported to Quebec in Canada and that well known city of wine affecionados in the west of England, Bristol.

If you want to leisurely visit the vineyards without having the annoyance of having to drive and thus reduce wine tasting to a minimum, then there are six, yes six, river cruise companies who will take you on a cruise stopping off at many vineyards. Bordeaux seems on the coast when you quickly look at a map but in fact it is some 90 kilometres from the sea

Last year, Bordeaux welcomed six million visitors. Most of those will be attracted by the climate and the wine and what better match could there be?

Except football!

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