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Brazil wants you to see places other thean the Olympic Games' host city of Rio de Janeiro

Brazil wants you to see places other thean the Olympic Games’ host city of Rio de Janeiro

Seventeen days ago, the Olympic torch began its tour to the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Five days ago it reached Brasilia, the capital and started its home country tour.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that it had been lit at Mt Olympus in Greece and had begun its journey to Brazil. Already it has left the capital, Brasilia, and headed across the country in an exhausting tour that will see it reach 335 places before winding up in Rio for the start of the Games on August 5th.Yes, the games are just three months away.

The procession began in the centre of the country and has, on average, to reach four destinations every single day in order to meet its deadline. During the relay route around Brazil, the torch will be carried by around 12,000 torch bearers, as well as flying 10,000 miles across the country. The Olympic symbol will pass through 83 cities chosen as “celebration cities,” which will include the 27 state capitals and the Federal District capital.

Brazil is using the torch tour like all other recent Olympic cities have done; by showcasing the country to potential visitors in the hope that over the next few years the country will reap the tourism benefits.

Rio or Maneus, Amazon visiting or even the business heart of Sao Paulo might be on a usual visitor’s itinerary but Brasilia? This city claims to be an open-air museum with its Oscar Niemeyer architecture and the city plan of Lúcio Costa that now acts as home to the country’s politicians and civil servants. All is modern for the city didn’t exist up until less than 60 years ago and more money has been spent in the run-up to the games on improving the infrastructure in the capital

Brazilians want you to visit places other than the tourist resorts and Rio itself that are known throughout the world hence the number of stories about Brasilia that have appeared and will appear over the next few months. Expect your local travel agent to contribute to the Brazilian fever but introducing you to places that you either have never heard of or only just ring a bell in your minds.

The great Brazilian sale is now underway!

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