Will tipping become fairer?

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to tip or not to tip? How much and who gets it?

to tip or not to tip? How much and who gets it?

I have never been a fan of tipping believing that good service should be part of the service I buy.

That some people in hospitality get paid so little and were expected to be able to get a living wage by relying on tips seemed to me to be absolutely wrong. That was largely ended by the minimum wage but three things remained which annoyed not only me but many others as well.

The first of these was that if you tipped on a credit card you weren’t sure whether the person that you wanted to get the ti received the money and that it wasn’t pocketed by the employer or shared out amongst everyone in the organisation.

The second was that some places automatically added a discretionary charge to the bill and few of us were brave enough to remove it.

Finally, the whole idea of tipping I find to be discriminatory because so few people would benefit. In a restaurant do the cooks and cleaners get part of the share? In hotels do the cleaners, the maintenance staff, the gardeners and everyone else get part of the tip?

I would rather outlaw tipping but I am at least heartened by the proposals announced by the Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, prevent employees from deducting “administration costs” and other  concocted ways of not letting the tip go to the employee or employee. He has also announced that bills must be made clearer so that we can see if a tip is included or not and that they are optional.

A two month consultancy period will take place but the main union involved is in favour as is the British Hospitality Association so it is likely that the rules will become law.

It doesn’t address the wider issue of the theory of tipping. I take the view that if service is good I will return provided that the product or service I am buying is also good. Regardless of that product though, if the service is bad, I am very unlikely to return. Good service should not have to be questioned; it should be what every organisation should strive for. I shouldn’t have to pay extra for it

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