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TramIf you opt to take public transport to Edinburgh Airport from the centre why are the fares so different?

You can catch a 35 bus which runs from Ocean Terminal out to the airport and that will cost you £1.60 each way. Opt for the blue express airport bus and it is £4.50 each way and £7.50 return. Splash out for the tram and it is £5.50 each way or £8.50 return.

On the tram, the unfathomable thing is that that if you stop at the Ingliston Park and Ride – one stop before the airport – then the cost is the same as that charged by the 35 bus. What justification then is there for charging an extra £2.90 on a single fare to travel the extra mile to the airport?

the express buses are cheaper than the tram

the express buses are cheaper than the tram

As you approach the park and ride stop, the announcer reminds passengers holing city tickets that they must get ut as their tickets aren’t valid for the last station on the line. More than one person with a wheelie case got out and headed from the park and ride area, perhaps to catch a bus from there or perhaps to walk the remaining way to the airport.

Is there a time saving to explain the price difference? The tram took me about 30 minutes, the 35 took a bit longer as it had more stops along the way and the express bus was marginally quicker.

It all leave a taste in the mouth that the trams are milking airport passengers for all they can get. It also leads to lots of confusion by those who travel only rarely to Edinburgh and assume prices are pretty much the same.

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