It’s Friday rush hour

By | Category: Travel rumblings

Gatwick shuttleAfter a fairly tiring week, I was flying back into Gatwick on a Friday evening. My plane landed at Gatwick North instead of Gatwick South which meant I had to catch the shuttle down to the south terminal.

I and hundreds of others headed to the shuttle area and joined  more people than is usual. I thought it was because it was Friday evening and that more people were returning home for the weekend.

It may have been that but only one shuttle was working instead of two. I couldn’t get on the first one and as I edged to the doors to catch the next I saw a sign. It read “Planned operational testing in progress.” That was why there was one shuttle. That was why there were queues.

What possessed a planner to choose a Friday rush hour to remove one shuttle for operational testing? Who planned such a badly timed idea? It’s the equivalent of shutting motorway lanes in the rush hour!

If the sign read “Emergency operational testing in progress” then I might have been more forgiving but there was no sign that this problem was due to a breakdown.  Surely if it was a breakdown Gatwick would say so. I can only assume that some bright spark had decided this testing and his/her bosses had agreed to it.

Testing can be done when there are few passengers around. At one of the busiest times it is illogical and suggests a lack of thought and understanding of what passengers would accept.

Whatever their thinking, I hope it won’t happen again. Unless it is due to an emergency.

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