Seaplanes and a honeymoon to remember

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one of the six DH-6 Twin Otters used to link the atolls - or to provide tours of the Maldives

one of the six DH-6 Twin Otters used to link the atolls – or to provide tours of the Maldives

The Maldives are a destination that features near the top of any honeymoon list.

Composed of twenty-six pristine coral atolls which are nursed by clear blue waters and warm sunshine, developments have concentrated on delivering first class food, first class accommodation and first class service.
But a romantic twist has been added. Once you fly in to the capital, Malé, you still have to travel to your resort. You could use a boat but how much more romantic would it be if you arrived on your island and made your first steps on the warm sand than if you arrived by seaplane?

Seaplanes conjure up the heyday of flying between the wars when clippers regularly took off and delivered passengers to out-of-the-way places that few of us could ever hope to visit. In the 1970’s when flying boats used to fly from Sydney harbour to Lord Howe Island, they still used to turn heads when they took off. It was flying left over from what travellers used to call a “civilised era.”

Ayada in the Maldives

Ayada in the Maldives

Now Maldivian, the airline that links the Maldives with other nations, uses fifteen- seater seaplanes to deliver passengers to their coral atoll resorts. The service started in 2014 as a practical way to link the islands as Abdul Haris, the managing director, explained to me. There are six seaplanes in the fleet but so popular has it become that another four more planes are due for delivery before then of 2016 and it is planned that there will be twenty planes in all by the end of the decade.

Would it be an indulgence to fly on a seaplane from Malé to your resort? They aren’t that expensive and can be bought as part of a holiday or honeymoon package. And if you decide to really push the boat out and make a holiday to remember you can hire one of the planes join a sightseeing tour by air of the whole archipelago. It will take about two hours to fly the length of the Maldives but with so many atolls to fly over and bays to explore, a day touring by seaplane could really put the icing on the cake of a honeymoon.

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