Don’t smuggle sausages into Manchester

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Cheese, has been found but what about drugs?

Cheese, has been found but what about drugs?

The most interesting story of the week – even if there are a few days to go –  has to be the one concerning Manchester Airport and its sniffer dogs.

Six of these animals had been trained at a cost of well over £1 million to sniff out drugs. In the last months, the dogs have found no cocaine and no heroin. What one dog has nosed out are sausages and cheese whilst all have found cash, tobacco and other meats.

Could it be that the good passengers through Manchester have not tried to smuggle heroin or any other drug? They just have a nice line going in smuggled bangers.

My dogs could sniff out sausages and cheese and they didn’t cost over a million to train. In fact they were so smart they preferred Roquefort to ordinary old, plastic cheddar that purports to be cheese in supermarkets. Blue cheeses they liked but they weren’t averse to a hunk of Stinking Bishop or Wensleydale and a nice bit of Hafod went down a treat.

Cheese they could smell but drugs? I never tried them on sniffing out those but since the Manchester dogs can’t do that either I am willing to find dogs that can maintain the high tradition of locating cheese and sausages whilst those dogs are retrained to find drugs. And I will provide them at a cheaper rate than £1 million or even half that!

I wonder whether Border Force has established that we face a threat from dodgy Camembert or disguised saveloy and haven’t told us? That could be one dog in particular has been so successful. If so, shouldn’t we be warned? It isn’t against the law to bring in cheese and sausages from within the EU but dogs can’t tell where people come from unless the Border Agency in Manchester has been teaching them to read luggage labels.

But bring in some spicy sucuk back from Turkey and the dogs will have you.  Fourteen days without the option might be your fate. Bring in a kilo of marijuana and it seems you might be able to walk straight through.

Just one stupid question – didn’t the dog trainers test the dogs on their ability to sniff out Class A drugs before they went to work? May it’s the trainers that should be fired, not the dogs.

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