Spring in Munich

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empty Geeman beer barrels returned from the Uk ready for re-filling © Münchner Stadtmuseum

empty Geeman beer barrels returned from the UK ready for re-filling © Münchner Stadtmuseum

The Oktoberfest is one of the main things that the southern Germany city of Munich is known for the world over. The idea has been copied the world over.

Not so copied have been the events that attract visitors to Munich in the spring time.

I’m not talking about Nymphenburg Palace park that attracts visitors to see the spring blooms or those in the Botanical Garden for which large city does not have colourful gardens in the Spring?

There is a festival that is the smaller brother of the Oktoberfest. It’s less crowded and, many would say, less commercial and glitzy than its bigger sibling. The Spring Festival at Theresienwiese runs from this coming Friday until may the eighth but is more than an opportunity to sample different Bavarian, German and international beers. This Saturday it holds the largest flea market in Bavaria and that is followed at the end of the month by Auer Maidult – an unlikely pairing of a folk festival combined with a huge jumble sale cum market in Mariahilfplatz Square.

Sooner or later though, the subject of beer returns to everyone’s lips. (yes, that’s a bad punning link but it is Munich that I am writing about!) In 2016 all Germany celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Bavarian Purity Law which established that only barley, hops and water can be used in the brewing of bar. Anything else is forbidden unlike some of the brews that you can find in the rest of the world.

With Munich being the capital of Bavaria, the celebrations of the purity law and bigger and they last longer. At the Munchner Stadtmuseum, there is an exhibition charting the life of the law until the beginning of 2017 and at the Jewish Museum there is a collaboration between a German and an Israeli craft beer brewer – the first. That beer is available in just two days’ time at outlets in the city and, of course, at the Spring Festival.

You see, I told you there are other things in Munich apart from the Oktoberfest. It just seems that brewing and its enjoyment takes up more of Munich’s time this year!

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