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Istanbul;. Will the number of visitors now drop?

Istanbul;. Will the number of visitors now drop?

Donald Trump says don’t travel to the UK or Europe. That was the gist of yesterday’s front page story in The Times. Last week, Fox News in the US ran a little poll on the Greta Van Susteren’s  On  the Record  show (which airs at 7pm each weeknight) which asked about travel to Europe. A majority were concerned.

The events in Paris last year and Brussels last week plus the news stories about migrants in Greece, Turkey and Italy before their onward trek to northern Europe seems to have left Americans wary of visiting Europe.

We, and most of our readers, live in Europe so we have to travel here. Our advisory notices issued by the Foreign Office draw attention to potential problems and, if you read and acted on all of them, you would probably pull the duvet over your heads and hardly dare move from your home again.

Luckily we don’t take that attitude.  An overseas holiday is almost a “must.” We might be less inclined to go to Turkey this year but Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Malta,  Cyprus  and most parts of Greece  will still see us if it is a beach and good weather that we are after. Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Nordic countries and Poland will still see the walkers, hikers and those who wouldn’t be seen anywhere near a beach. City break stalwarts like Dublin, Tallinn, Vilnius, Prague and Budapest will still be popular but will other Europeans adopt the same approach and visit us?

The answer seems to be yes, their travel plans to us will not be dented. But Americans, Chinese and Far Eastern visitors may be put off by the publicity. Those travelling from further afield seem to think that issues in one European country apply to all. That could be due to a misunderstanding of geography. Eastern Turkey is not that close to the UK or Ireland in terms of miles just as the west coast of America isn’t near to the east coast.  Paris and Brussels are, admittedly, only a couple of hours away from London by train but then so is Leeds, Manchester and Cardiff. To most of us that is quite a way away and not something that we would travel to at the drop of a hat.

But those visitors coming from far away, that is all too close. The aim for Visit Britain, Tourism Ireland and all the other destinations in Europe is to somehow convince them that all is well and they will have a holiday that they will remember for all the right reasons.




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