Why not carry more cash?

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Airline SnackHow many times have you sat on a plane and heard the cabin crew plaintively ask that you have the right cash when you but a cup of tea from the trolley as it passes around?

How many times have they taken a note from you only to return ten minutes later with some change?

Why can’t they carry more cash? You don’t go into a shop and pay for something only to have the cashier nip off down to the bank to get some change. They plan ahead and have a float that, on past experience, will tide them over.

Airlines are some of the most forecasted and planned industries around. They know how much they will take on the duty free trolley and the food trolley for each route they fly, for each time of the day the flight goes yet they always want you to give them the right money.   If it is really a problem for them they could round up the prices (they are never going to round them down, are they?) so that the price is an ever pound, euro or dollar. That way they will have less change they need to carry. But when things are £1.95 or some figure that sounds as though it is way below a rounded up figure they are always going to have to give change.

The same happens on trains sometimes but not as often as it does on planes. Out comes the little plastic cup that carries an assortment of change because, on trains as well, prices aren’t even figures but always require change of 5p or 15p or something like that.

Self-service drinks and snack machines rarely run out of cash. Railway ticket machines rarely run out of cash even if I do get £9 change all in £1 coins. If they can manage most of the time without a human  element, surely a human being who, most people agree,  is rated as more intelligent than a drinks machine can carry enough cash for all but the most unusual circumstance.

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