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Mall of America

Mall of America

If Britons know anything about Bloomington in Minnesota, it is because the Mall of America is there.  The biggest shopping mall in North America complete with a Disneylandand Nickelodeon theme park area which help draw millions each year and quite a few come from the UK and Ireland. That it is located ten minutes from Minneapolis and St. Paul, and just five kilometres from Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport which has direct links to the UK on Delta makes it more appealing to UK visitors.

But it also gaining a reputation as one of the places in the US where you can follow brewery trails without having to travel miles and miles to get to them all.

Despite having the Mall of America, Bloomington isn’t the biggest place in the world so why have so many breweries set up there?

In the beginning there was Fulton Brewing and it was the first taproom to open. Like many good brewing stories, the brewery began its days as a home brewing project with four friends in a garage. They produce year-round, seasonal or garage series blends as well as their ‘Sweet Child of Vine’ Indian Pale Ale which is blended with American hops and claims to have an English balance.

Some breweries are a success almost from the word go. Surly Brewing Co, after a quiet start, opened a ‘destination brewery’ at the end of 2014, which features a 300 person beer hall and garden and restaurant. They brew popular local blends (ie geared to local tastes)  like Furious, Bender, Cynic and Hell.

Unlike Fulton, at Boom Island Brewing Company it is all about the Belgian beer and style. It produces a classic Silvius Belgium pale ale, Witbier and  a dark beer called Hoodoo Dubbel, a dark beer with rich and complex malt flavours and low hop bitterness.

static1.squarespace.comI am not sure what to think of a brewery called the Dangerous Man Brewing Co. They concentrate on small batch beers, with the taps changing regularly. You can choose from the pints of beer, handmade soft drinks and growlers. Because they change and brew in small quantities what might be there today many not necessarily be there tomorrow. There will always be one darSk, one light, one hoppy and one strong beer being poured each day.

Finally, take a trip to Steel Toe Brewing which has won the World Beer up for its Wee Heavy, brew. It all began as a one-man band and he brewed in his bedroom so you suspect he either wasn’t married at the time or his wife is a beer affecionado as well. The Steel Toe Brewing opened its bedroom doors in 2011 and you’ll find four year-round offerings and six seasonal favourites as well as Wee

For more about Bloomington, click here.

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