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 Mickey and Minnie want more of your cash

Mickey and Minnie want more of your cash

Readers will remember that a little while ago, I mentioned that Universal was going to follow in the tracks of the airline and train industries and introduce variable pricing for their tickets. Now Disney is going the same way. Just in time for the Easter holidays.

There will be three prices for tickets depending on whether you visit on quitter days, busier days or peak ones.

A one-day ticket to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom will cost $105 on what they call ‘value’ days,( which include weekdays during the school year) What they refer to as “regular” days will be $110 and the busiest days – peak days – will cost $124.

At Disneyland, the cost for the three categories is $95, $105 and $119 respectively.

The good news is that the pricing only affects day-tickets. Anyone buying 3, 4, 5 or annual passes will have set prices regardless of whether the days visiting is peak, regular or value.

Disney says that “we are adopting seasonal pricing on our one-day ticket to help better spread visitation throughout the year”

But will it?

If a family of four has spent £2,000 on air fares, a £1,000 on accommodation, does Disney think that a family from the UK is going to be deterred by an increase of less than $20 per person? Even Americans heading there for the day or the weekend won’t be put off by a surcharge of less than 20%. After all, the tips they would pay in restaurants will be less.

There has been no announcement from Disneyland Paris about their ticket prices. There prices vary between summer and winter.

To me it just looks like a way to get even further into our wallets and I can’t see it affecting which days people go one way or the other. But to Disney it will bring at least another $100 million to their profits and that is a conservative estimate.


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