Where is the Caravan Capital of the UK?

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sport_caravanAccording to The Caravan Club, Birmingham has the highest ownership of caravans in the UK and, therefore, must be the caravan capital of the UK.

That might explain why the biggest caravanning and camping show is held at the NEC. When people buy a new model they don’ have far to drive. But once they have a caravan they don’t just park it in front of their houses, they take it on holiday with them. High profile caravanners include the ex deputy prime minisiter, Margaret Beckett and the Tory minister and novelist, Edwina Currie.

Again, the same bit of research from The Caravan Club tells us where they go. It is to Southport in Lancashire. Apparently this is the most popular place to take a caravan holiday so that might explain why Jeremy Clarkson avoids the M6 in holiday time. And maybe why the M42 now uses the hard shoulder for traffic when it becomes busy.

Southport, famous for its 22-mile-long coastline and its historic pier, leads the list most popular caravan destinations in the UK, the others being Bristol, Bakewell and Castleton, both in Derbyshire. In the case of the latter it is obviously the Peak District that attracts caravanners.

Unlike other holidaymakers, caravanners spend more time away from home. Some 30% of those interviewed for the research say that they spend between 40 and 70 nights a year away. Caravan owners also seem more likely to be pet owners. The research says that 36% of holidays involve taking the family pet with them.

In the whole of 2015, almost one in every three UK holidays involved a caravan. Some 32% of mainland holiday nights were spent caravanning or camping last year, according to The Caravan Club research but just how big is this part of the holiday market?

It is estimated that there are over half a million touring caravans in the UK and a further 205,000 motor homes. Caravanners contribute some £6 billion to the UK economy and they spend more than 51 million nights in caravans each year.

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