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Jim McDonough's achievemen

Jim McDonough’s achievemen

A Lego nut – for surely that is what he is –called Jim McDonough – has built a Lego version of the Britannia, the former royal yacht.

It’s taken him five weeks, 40,000 Lego bricks and is over eleven feet in length.

Not the first large scale Lego model he has made, his others include 25 foot long USS Missouri, his 13 foot Japanese destroyer and a Star Wars X-Wing fighter, but the detail on this one may be his best and most difficult challenge. On the ship’s five decks is included a Phantom V Rolls-Royce in its garage and a white baby grand piano in Britannia‘s Royal Deck Tea Room

McDonough’s achievement – calling it a model seems to belittle it – can now be seen in Britannia’s visitor centre in the Ocean Terminal in Leith just outside Edinburgh.

It just shows how an existing tourist attraction can generate more publicity and interest for itself by linking with what seems to be a toy for children but which has become a huge multi-billion tourist industry in itself.

and the real Britannia ©  Marc Miller

and the real Britannia © Marc Miller

McDonough was commissioned by The Royal Yacht Britannia Trust which has looked after the ship for the last eighteen years. He was given access to the original plans and drawings which may explain why the detail is son concentrated and precise.

For those heading off to the ocean Terminal to see Britannia, there are also a string of events happening to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. For example, if you were born on April 21st – he actual birthday rather than the official one – you can get in for nothing providing you can show you were born on the date. And you don’t have to be 90 on that day, any age will do.

What the Trust should do now is to commission McDonough to create even more Lego figures and not just limited to Britannia. The Visitor Centre can then have two attractions, the royal yacht and an ever-growing series of Lego constructions related to the yacht, royalty and Scotland.

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