Eating out in Luxembourg

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At Bourglinster castle you will find the Distillerie restaurant

At Bourglinster castle you will find the Distillerie restaurant

For such a small geographic area, Luxembourg is blessed with an astonishing array of good restaurants.

Michelin felt it had to visit 72 of them before it decided on how many to award stars to and eleven were subsequently awarded. It also has 15 Bib Gourmands, those awards given out by Michelin for those places which provide good food at moderate prices, the prices varying around the world depending on local conditions.

Two new restaurants, Renato Favaro in Esch-sur-Alzette and Guillou Campagne in Schouweiler, received their first stars.

Other restaurants, which were awarded a Michelin star, include La Cristallerie, Clairefontaine and Mosconi in Luxembourg, La Distillerie in Bourglinster, Lea Linster in Frisange, La Gaichel in Gaichel, Patin d’Or in Kockelscheuer, Ma langue sourit in Moutfort and Toit pour toi in Schouweiler.

In Luxembourg it has been decided that the moderate price for a Bibs Gourmand has a ceiling €37 . Those selected for Bibs in the capital were Kamakura, Mi et Ti, Mamma Bianca, La Bergamotte, Bick Stuff and, just outside the capital, Two6two in Strassen. In the Mullerthal Region – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland – the restaurant Brimer (Grundhof) with its long-standing tradition, has maintained its Bib. In the wine region of the Moselle, Joël Schaefer (Mertert) also kept his Bib. In Nospelt, the restaurant Bonifas gained one as well. The Ardennes region is home to 5 other restaurants which were given a Bib Gourmand: Dahm in Erpeldange, Bistrot 1865 in Clervaux, Les Timandines in Troisvierges, Vieux Château in Wiltz and L’Ecuelle in lwerdange.In Dudelange, the restaurant Parc Le’h was also awarded a Bib gourmand.

Not all restaurants are open every day. Some are closed on Mondays and some on Mondays and Tuesday lunchtimes whilst a few are closed all day on bith Mondays and Tuesdays.

But what of Luxembourg cuisine? Is there such a thing? As the country is sandwiched (pun intended) between Belgium, France and Germany it has dished strongly influenced by them. For example pike in a Riesling source is common in parts of Germany. And, as one of the homes for the EU, the members have bought their cuisines with them so you find dishes from around Europe plus those that you find everywhere in the world.

If you are seeking Luxembourg dishes then look out for some of these; Judd mat Gaardebounden (neck of pork with broad beans), ‘Träipen‘ (fried blood sausage) with apple sauce and ‘écrevisses à la luxembourgeoise.‘ Many view the national dish as being “Kuddelfleck” which is tripe fried after dusting in flour and egg and then served with a largely shallot and gherkin sauce.

For more about Luxembourg’s restaurants, click here.

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