What makes us book?

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what makes us book here over another destination?

what makes us book here over another destination?

You might think that delivering a holiday where we want to go is one of the main triggers in booking with one company over another.  But not according to research recently published by Trustpilot, an online review company that uses those reviews to score businesses.

It could be that the company’s research house assumed it would go without saying that we would only book with a company that offers holidays where we want to go but other research suggests that we often only make our minds up when scanning brochures, looking online or being introduced to a destination by a travel agent.

At the top of Trustpilot’s “important” list is that there are no hidden fees. No fewer than 91% of people say this is important to them very closely followed by a reasonable price. The next three items on the “important” list are an easy-to-use booking system, a protected purchase (eg ATOL protected) and a user-friendly website. All this suggests that the sample used for this research was just those who had internet access and thus removing maybe a quarter of the population who don’t use it.

Given that this is biased towards those using internet sites, what the research reveals about the confidence of using the net and some of its parts is interesting. Only 40% are influenced by positive comments on social media which suggests 60% couldn’t care less. 32% are not influenced by people filing reviews on websites such as Trustpilot, Feefo and TripAdvisor.

The company claims that 65 per cent say they specifically consider a company’s reviews before making a holiday booking with them, while 69 per cent of respondents say they will choose a holiday provider that has better reviews over a cheaper one with poor reviews. It claims therefore that reviews are “crucial.” Yes, crucial to maybe those 65% but not to the market as a whle. And “crucial” is such a strong word was that used in the research or did the writers of the press release use it?

Given that these research results must be basedon online users, this suggests that review sites have a way to go before they can be as important as many claim to be.

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