Venice or Prague?

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costim es from the Prague

costiumes from the Bohemian Carnevale

You might only think of Venice, Nice, Rio and New Orleans for carnivals but Prague hosts one that is just as colourful.

The Bohemian Carnevale festival held in the Czech capital – Prague – at the end of January and beginning of February, recalls the historical and allegorical spectacle of the festivities, which were held through lands that today make up the Czech Republic during the Middle Ages. This event takes place in public places, palaces, museums, galleries and theatres, as well as in restaurants and shops. But this one event has hundreds associated with it and just about all parts of the city take part.

Like Venice, there is a day for masks. On Januray 30th in front of the old town hall is what is officially known as the Gathering of the Masks. Those gathered start a procession from Clam-Gallas Palace towards the city gates where they have to seek permission to enter. When that is given, the procession goes into the old town square where there are jugglers, street players, music and entertainment to keep both the masked and the spectators happy. Like Venice, you can make the day last longer by taking a gondola from near the Charles Bridge across or along the Vltava river.car2

Hiring costumes isn’t as expensive as you might think. At prices from about 6,000 koruna, that might sound a lot but it is onlyabout £168. Where the price can rise is if you opt to pay for make-up to give you that eighteenth century appearance. Wgs or hair styling to ge you that Baroque look will also cost but combine both mak-up and hair styling shouldn’t cost more than another £80 even for the most extravagant hair style. Needless to say for males, the prices will be lower as costumes, make-up and hair styling involve less work!

For less than £300 you have entrance to one of the most lavish festivals held anywhere. As a hen night out with a difference, it cannot be long before this appears in tour brochures. That is just one day. The festival lasts for another eleven with an array of concerts, music and fun.

Given that Venice will cost a lot more this, Prague makes an enviable alternative.


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