Don’t overlook La Gomera

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Vallehermoso4The second smallest island in the Canaries – La Gomera – is nowhere near as well-known as its big neighbours of Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote.

It isn’t as built-up, as crowded or as touristy as the others but that is its attraction. It does have most of the benefits of the Canaries – it is warm all year round, the beaches are long and clean, the sea is clear and the scenery is just as grand. Like the others, it is volcanic as well, hence the black sandy beaches, (some of which you can only get to by foot,) cliffs and hilly nature.

In the middle of the island is Garajonay National Park, one of the oldest laurel forests in Europe and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here, walkers have the opportunity of trekking through dense evergreens and hardwood trees whilst secure in the knowledge that they are never far from the sea. For those looking for a walking holiday that isn’t overly strenuous or long, La Gomera is ideal. Those opting for a walk requiring more exertion can choose from any number of trails on the island. Some of the areas closer to the old extinct volcanoes can be quite taxing. Walkers can also join guided walking tours for a worry-free way to enjoy La Gomera’s striking surroundings.

01-El Cedro2After all that walking, visitors might just relax and try the local cuisine. Watercress soup, which is served on wooden plates, is a traditional culinary mainstay as is almogrote, a creamy paste made from cheese, peppers, olive oil and herbs which is served as an appetiser. Papas arrugadas, or boiled potatoes served with a fiery pepper sauce, called Mojo, is a choice for a hearty meal and might suit those having enjoyed the more strenuous of walks. Finally you can finish your meal with Miel de palma, a palm honey made from the sap of the Canary Island Palm tree.

The capital, San Sebastian, is smaller than Arrecife on Lanzarote, Santa Cruz on Tenerife or Las Palmas on Gran Canaria but historically more important as it was from here that Christopher Columbus began his voyage to the new world.

Those that have been to La Gomera will probably have holidayed in Tenerife and then taken the 50 minute ferry ride for a day out and think that they “have done” the island. As an introduction, a day is fine; as a way of seeing all that La Gomera has to offer, much more time is needed.

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