Flooded tourism centres

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JORVIK-150x150Earlier this week there was a brief debate in the House of Lords about the floods and the impact on tourism.

Amongst the attractions mentioned was the Jorvik Centre in York which, as Lady Harris of Richmond pointed out, has had over 18 million visitors since it opened. Tourism businesses in flood-affected areas that have been directly or indirectly impacted are eligible for the flood recovery grant said the government yet Jorvik may be closed for some time, possible as long as a year.

Arts Council England is in discussion with museums in Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cumbria following the flooding and is considering what support can be provided. Lord Lee of Trafford was told that forward bookings in Cumbria were 50% down on last year yet the local tourist authority would tell you that Cumbria is certainly open and would welcome visitors. As is Lancashire and York. Even Eglwyswrw in West Wales which has recorded some 80 odd rainy days in succession is welcoming tourists (and news crews from here and overseas) and would happily welcome more tourists to the village

But something that all destinations that suffer from weather problems face is that news stories only paint bleak pictures. Somerset suffered when the levels and other parts were flooded. The simple answer is don’t be persuaded by news stories from going. Check yourself with locals or the tourist board.

As we wrote earlier this week, Brussels has webcams in three places so that you can see all is calm. Maybe we should try something like that in affected areas over here.


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