What makes a great holiday?

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a great beach doesn't nake a great holiday

a great beach doesn’t nake a great holiday

Is free wi-fiI really one of the most important things to have on a holiday?

According to a survey carried out by Sovereign Holidays, Londoners think that – on a family holiday – having free WIFI is the most important thing. It beats having a great beach or a range of restaurants.

Before we cast suspicion on the survey, could this survey of 2,000 people living in London, the North West, the South West and the South East be revealing something of great significance? Could it be that parents have decided that, in order for them to enjoy their holiday, having free wi-fi keeps the children happy for hours enabling them to relax and do whatever they wish secure in the knowledge that their offspring will still be in the place they left them eyes glued to their smartphones?

If this is indeed the findings, then Londoners have cracked one of the age-old problems that have taxed parents for decades – how to keep the kids quiet, occupied and out of their hair. A century ago, middle class people had the advantage of being able to afford a nanny who kept children occupied for all about an hour or so around teatime and going to bed. As the middle class structure altered and nannies became the province of the rich, middle-class people racked their brains trying to think of how to kept children out of mischief.

Places like Butlins and Pontins had child only areas and other holiday companies moved in having spotted an opportunity. They provided child monitored areas with twee names likes prawns, crabs and lobsters for different age groups.

How wrong they all were.

All that is needed is free wi-fi because children from just out of nappies to teenagers bordering on voting age all know how to use the internet. No having to split the children into age groups; no having to get child minders because the over fifteens can look after the youngsters and no fear of them wandering.

Meanwhile the parents are out exploring the heritage icons of their holiday destination, enjoying the cultural cuisines of exotic foods and venturing into the local language as they buy souvenirs designed to last generations.

Surely this research is one of the most important that has ever been published!

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