It’s not a sale; it’s a festival

By | Category: Travel news

QatarIf you hear the phrase, travel festival, you’ll probably think first of an event at somewhere like the NEC, Olympia or Manchester Central.

But not if you are Qatar Airways.

Rather than just announcing that they were having a sale which is what Virgin, BA, Air France, easyJet and countless others have done, Qatar Airways announced a festival – a festival that is only online but which, when you get down to it, is really a sale. The festival, though, also includes discounts off hotels and car hire but, more importantly, it doesn’t just cover the usual lean months that most airline sales cover.

Normally, Just about Travel would hardly mention airline seat sales because they always happen around about now and cover periods when not many people want to travel. Seats would only be discounted up to about a week or so before Easter and then “normal” fares would return and they would gradually get higher as summer approaches and slump a bit come the autumn and when the kids have returned to school.

This sale – sorry – festival concerns flights up until December 15th which means Easter and summer holiday time is included in the sale. It is just a seven day sale and ends on the 17th – Sunday – so you need to plan and move quickly if you are interested.

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