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the spa pool at Terre Blanche

the spa pool at Terre Blanche

Just about Travel has looked at many forecasts of what the experts think we will opt for this summer but most have covered general destinations. From a very specialised company – Health and Fitness Travel which is committed to providing healthy holidays – comes a list suggesting which are the best places to concentrate on certain parts of the body.

It picks Terre Blanche Fusion Fitness in the south of France as being the best place to work on toning up legs and concentrating on a cardiovascular workout. If you want to place the emphases in your arms the best place, it fancies is the Thanyapura Fusion Fitness complex in southern Thailand.

Closer to home, you could head to Ibiza and the 38 degrees North Ibiza SUP and Soul Retreat   if you want to work on your abs. Mind you, the regime here can be a little tough as the company suggests stand-up paddle boarding as a low impact, low stress way to remind you that you do have abs!

It suggests heading back to Thailand and the island of Koh Samui if you want overall body toning and staying at the Absolute Sanctuary Pilates Reformer Bootcamp. Apparently there are state of the art reformer machines to start the toning but anything that includes the word “boot-camp” I find off-putting. Consequently another suggested boot-camp – that of Wildfitness Zanzibar on the similarly named island doesn’t appeal to me even if I was attracted by it being designated the best for cardio butt-busting! But the idea of a Hush Hut appeals – no mobile phones, no internet, no aimless chatter just a deep fitness massage could persuade me to change my mind!

For overall fitness, the company nominates the BodyHoliday Fusion Fitness resort on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. Yes, there are a variety of training schedules and regimes to go through but you are on St Lucia – one of the most beautiful places to be found anywhere in the world. But could I summon the energy to be energetic when lazy enjoyment under the sun is what I conjure up in my mind? It only goes to show that it takes all sorts to make up the holiday world and I am just not one of the energetic kind.

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