Nothing happens in January

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© Dan Sperrin

© Dan Sperrin

Although there are 22,750 events listed in our events’ category, from the number we have available in January, you would have thought there was next to nothing happening.

Do we all stay at home in January and do nothing else but watch television? Do we visit the few consumer travel shows and spend the rest of the time dreaming of where we might go?

Is it that attractions and destinations do not have many events this month? Some attractions are closed but is there no pent up demand to go out other than to the cinema, the theatre of the January sales? Admittedly the weather may not be the best but if Christmas markets can draw so many visitors before Christmas when the weather is also not the best, why can’t those famed marketing money concoct a visitor opportunity in January?

The answer could be that those marketing people have events around but they haven’t been loaded onto websites yet. It could be that the event organisers hadn’t finalised dates before the great December slowdown occurred. During that slowdown little gets done and updating lists of events may have gone by the board.

What’s the real answer? Just about Travel doesn’t know. What it does know is that, like last year, the lists of events that destinations and attractions send us for uploading (and, yes, it doesn’t cost them anything to have it loaded on our site) is lower than for any other month. And the lists that they have on their own websites are small. Too many have details but no dates suggesting that the events last year have been retained and the dates have been removed whilst awaiting the new ones.

Whatever the answer, visitors are important to the local economies. And destinations and attractions are missing an opportunity to attract them by not getting their acts together.

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