I have been fleeced!

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© Dan Sperrin

© Dan Sperrin

So that readers may not fall foul of the same problem I am issuing this warning. Avoid this online hotel booking agency.

I had an overseas guest flying in as so using a hotel booking site, I booked two rooms for us. At the last minute, a family emergency arose and she was unable to come so I tried to cancel the booking.

But I still needed a room. I thought if I cancelled then at least the room would be available for others to use and that was my big mistake. I was too generous. The hotel booking site wasn’t.

That’s where the problem arises. You can’t cancel one room if the booking is for two rooms. You have to cancel the entire booking.

The day before I was due to arrive, I sent an e-mail only to receive a “sorry” from customer services to say that it was cancel everything or nothing. They couldn’t alter a booking once paid for only cancel it.

What rubbish; of course they could. They had access to the reservations systems so an alteration was possible. On their cancellation policy they say “Each room in this reservation is subject to the hotel’s cancellation policy” which suggests they can alter things room by room.

They chose not to do this just as they choose on their website not to mention that there are advantages in booking one room on each reservation. If you need ten rooms for a family new years’ get-together book ten times.

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier but not when systems are so intransigent.

Will I use the site again? Of course not. After experiencing both the system- relatively easy to use – and the customer services help, they are removed from my future hotel booking plans.

The name to avoid, readers, if you are booking hotel rooms is getaroom.com  

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