Happy New Year

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New Year's Eve in Sydney last year

New Year’s Eve in Sydney last year

Firstly, may we wish all our readers the very best of wishes for 2016. As usual the new year was heralded with stunning fireworks in Sydney, London and Edinburgh but there was a muted new year in Brussels and Paris. There, intelligence suggested there could have been a terrorist attack so the authorities opted to play safe and cancel the mass celebrations. In Dubai, events were nearly overtaken after the 63 storey Address Hotel caught fire but a huge fireworks display nearby took place as planned.

Regardless of all those forecasts of an increase in tourism, it is we tourists who might feel under pressure given the events of the last twelve months. Attacks on three tourist resorts, Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt and, in Tunisia, Sousse and Tunis were only the beginning. Paris might be the capital of France but it is also one of the major tourism attractions in the world and the two attacks on the city during 2015 hit things that tourists often cite as reasons to visit – the cafe culture and concerts. Seeing in the new year has become an great opportunity for people to gather in huge numbers and arrests were made in New York before the New Years’ Eve festivities in Times Square.

Should we feel safe in 2016? Terrorists can strike anywhere but they will succeed in their aims if we stop travelling to places that may seem less than safe. We should continue to travel, continue to explore and continue to enjoy but continue to be vigilant.

A fifth of those of us that will holiday abroad have already booked our summer holidays for 2016. By the end of January it will probably be as high as a third. Continue to book and look forward to enjoying what other countries and – our own – have to offer.

To misquote the words of one ex- Tory politician, “Don’t let the buggers grind us down.”


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