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The Wyld posterBerlin best known as one of Europe’s most glamorous capital cities combining a turbulent recent history with a thriving cultural life is also home to The Wyld, one of the most elaborate shows outside of Las Vegas.

I caught the spectacle just before Christmas and had special reason to see it as a friend Charlie or as she is billed in the programme (Charlotte Emma Peters) is part of the ballet ensemble.  However, with over one hundred artists on the world’s biggest theatre stage and some of the most lavish and outlandish theatre costumes and wigs you’ll ever come across sadly it wasn’t that easy to spot her!

The Wyld takes place at Friedrichstadt-Palast in the Mitte district of Berlin, it’s an art nouveau style building, and the largest and most modern show palace in Europe.  The Palast specialises in entertainment shows emphasising dance. The show itself is beyond description, you shouldn’t even pretend to understand what is going on, it really is completely bonkers and unlike musicals, revue shows do not have a common thread. However, the series of numbers and breath-taking routines are apparently a declaration of love to Berlin.

The Kickline - photo Robert Grischek

The Kickline – photo Robert Grischek

Don’t worry, you also won’t need to speak German to grasp what’s going on. With a production budget of ten million euros and costumes designed by Parisian star designer, Thierry Mugler  the show is altogether unpredictable, unforgettable and completely out of this world.  In one number, Nefertiti’s party scene (doesn’t ask), the in-house milliners have constructed an 80 cm high wire frame for the drag queens impressive wig.  In another 50 ‘Magic Stairs’ are built into the show deck, individually controlled, producing their very own choreography.  Again, it’s all very difficult to describe, even more bizarrely at one point seven poodles some, comically called Bob Marley, Marie Antoinette, Country Girl and The Walking Toaster, take to the stage and one is even orange.  Dancers perform in a 2.9 metre tall lava lamps filled with around 2,200 litres of water so imagine watching synchronized swimmers under water.

Photo - Tamas Hari

Photo – Tamas Hari

The acrobatics routines are more familiar but, nevertheless, jaw dropping and a feast for the eyes – fans of cirque du soleil will love it.  The undoubted highlight for me was a number known as ‘Le Kick C’est Chic’ one of the longest kick lines in the world and one in which all the dancers were introduced by name and I finally got to see which of the identical girls was Charlie. There are lots of biggest and best when it comes to The Wyld and it’s not difficult to see where the budget goes, not least the makeup department who every year get through 400 bottles of hairspray and 70 tubes of eyelash glue. The Wyld celebrated its world premiere on 23rd October 2014 and will run until mid-2016 when there’s a short break before a whole new audience will be wowed by another, no doubt, equally impressive show.

Entertainment with these unique dimensions cannot be found anywhere else in Europe, The Wyld is vibrant, edgy, and artistic, a show like no other and perfectly encapsulates the hedonistic hub that is Berlin – I loved it.

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