Your Christmas day meal?

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Christmas meals for the turtles

Christmas meals for the turtles

Personally the traditional Christmas meal holds no appeal for me. At least it didn’t until SEA LIFE Blackpool told me what it had in store for its sea inhabitants this year.

Apparently all the creatures will be given a tasty Christmas Dinner treat to make their festive day as special as possible. The turtles at SEA LIFE Blackpool – there are 7 of them based there permanently – “love nothing more than their Christmas Brussel sprouts” it says in my handout. SEA LIFE Blackpool General Manager, Rachel Sipes, claims that they really love them and that they know as soon as they see us with the sprouts that it’s Christmas. Really?

Native fish get Scott’s Porage for their festive feast. And the 19 tropical sharks at SEA LIFE Blackpool get top quality salmon and mackerel which I am told is their favourite instead of their usual daily diet of whiting and squid.

Do 99% of turtles prefer Scott's Porage Oats for christmas lunch?

Do 99% of turtles prefer Scott’s Porage Oats for Christmas lunch?

Neither sprouts nor porridge grows in the oceans so how did the keepers come up with the idea of feeding that to the turtles and other fish?  Do they prefer Scott’s to Quaker Oats? And what about instant porridge like Ready Brek? Have they tried roasted parsnips or marmite soldiers to see if they garner as much fish satisfaction? Do they get Christmas pud for seconds or mince pies? But not brandy sauce because that would be just plain stupid.

Can you really believe that there will be tinsel and a Christmas tree for the 2,000 fish and other creatures as well? What will a tree even mean to them? Or Tinsel?

Do the fish and other sea life know that it is Christmas so they can enjoy the meal? Do they care? Are sea creatures Christian in the first place? There are so many questions that this meal raises but maybe that’s left for a philosophical pub conversation this afternoon after I have endured turkey and all the trimmings!


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