Aruba “Happy Flow”

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Aruba in party mood – as I will be if I can get through an airport faster!

Anything that makes it faster for me to get through one of the most laborious and tiring business of getting me through an airport and out into the sunshine at the other end of my flight is something that I will applaud.

Happy Flow, having been developed on the Caribbean island of Aruba is deserving of thanks and applause.

When you check-in at one of its self-service kiosks, it takes your photograph and then spews out whatever documentation you need. Throughout the airport, that facial recognition technology confirms it is you as you go through at baggage drop, passport control, security and whatever else you do. You don’t have to drag out your documents again because your “passport” is the photograph that was taken when you first went to the kiosk. Every other stage matches you to the image. If it isn’t you, then no further do you get.

This two year trail has already shown to save passengers quite some time but could it go further. Will it remove the need for a boarding pass at all as gadgets could be installed at the end of piers just as you enter the aircraft confirming your seat number? How many of us have nearly lost our boarding passes and then frantically scrambled about to find it in jackets or hand luggage?

Another purpose of happy Flow is that it will enable you to pre-clear European border controls on the island so that when you arrive In Europe you don’t have to pass through immigration controls. The system is already up and running in relation to flights to the US so European pre-clearance should be easy achieved particularly for those on flights to Amsterdam, Aruba having strong Dutch links.

I, for one, hope that the trial is rolled out and that airports in the UK and Ireland look at this practice as well. It might even make me learn to like airports again.

That’s what I call a good news story for Christmas Day.


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