Are Opodo and eDreams transparent?

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imagen_opodo_gThe CAA has announced an investigation into pricing policies at Opodo and eDreams claiming that the two companies (owned by same Spanish based holding company) “failed to address concerns” over price transparency.


Earlier this year, the CAA approached both companies and held talks about concerns it had about the way it handled pricing. The investigation comes about because the CAA does not see that the company has answered the questions that it raised.

It comes in the same week that the Advertising Standards Authority upheld a complaint against Opodo for misleading advertising and pricing and follows on the decision by Ryanair to sue the company claiming that it is misleading customers

Opodo and eDreams are part of the eDreams Odigeo travel group, based in Barcelona, and eDreams is already the subject of legal action by Ryanair which claims the company is misleading customers. The holding company, eDreams Odigeo, doesn’t actually deny the CAA claim.

On both the Opodo and eDreams websites, there is no answer to the CAA claims and the only comment I can find is a report in an industry trade magazine called Travolution which says that they take the CAA’s concerns very seriously and that they will co-operate. The holding company has no comment on its website either. Frankly, this says nothing so should travellers and holidaymakers continue to use them?

As with all purchasing, “you pays your money and takes your choice.”  Some companes might not attract so much attention but the holding company is the largest online agency in Europe. You would have thought that they might want to be seen as whiter than white given their status. I would just be a little less confident that I have been in the past about using Opodo; – I have never used eDreams. That the CAA has had to resort to this action is a little unusual and suggests that the answers given by the companies so far has been less than the CAA expected.

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